"I want every student to not only learn about social studies, but develop a passion for it."     Coach Hurst

Welcome to my webpage. 

You can use this site to see important messages or reminders.

I have posted my syllabus as well.  

I have also posted some pictures of trips I have taken to deepen my understanding of American History, Economics and other concepts in social studies. 

Thank you for visiting my webpage.

My Teaching Philosophy

Your child will complete a range of activities to ensure he/she is taking part in a rigorous academic curriculum. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child gets the attention he or she deserves.

My class is structured to model proper student behavior, reward effort and ensure student academic growth. I encourage students to learn about social studies and to engage the subject with a lot of inquisitiveness. I reward students with positive reinforcement on a daily basis and try to challenge their skills to deepen their understanding of state standards and objectives.

My class syllabus can be found at the bottom of the page. Each subject's syllabus is labeled and underlined in blue. Just click the one you wish to look at and the document will open.  

Together we can prepare our students for the 21st century and the challenges of the future.

Feel free to contact me here at YAI or by email.      Phone: 931-879-8101            Email: jhurst@www.york.k12.tn.us

I invite you to come visit our school and learn more about our school goals for preparing your child for success.

 Important Dates

Fall Break October 13-17

Finals December 18th & 19th 

Christmas Break Begins December 22nd 


Alvin C. York Institute | 931-879-8101

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